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Weighted GPAs are a bit more complicated, this is why we have come up with a 5.0 GPA scale Calculator to help you calculate your Weighted GPAs and CGPA based on College and AP/IB WEIGHT in just minutes.

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With a 5.0 GPA scale calculator, you will get the results in seconds and have the advantage of reference anytime. This 5.0 GPA scale is based on the Colledge and AP/IB WEIGHT. 


If you want to calculate on the 4.0 scale at Regular WEIGHT. or 4.50 scale at Honors WEIGHT. Just click on the AP/IB and switch.


However, you can use the Cumulative College GPA Calculator for your 4.0 scales.

Calculate your  5.0 GPA scales within minutes with these 3 simple steps below

1. Select Your Grade

To start calculating your Weighted 5.0 GPA scale, you need to select your current letter grade. To get your grade, you can ask your teacher or check your notice board to find it.


Grades can range from A+ to an F. For each course, choose a letter grade from the drop-down menu.

2. Input Your Credits hour

Then you can now input the credit hours for the course you want to calculate. For example, if you have earned ” A+ or A” 5.0, for a 4 credit hours course, then input 4 in the box next to the GRADE.


If you have more than four courses to calculate in each of your semesters, Just Click the Add Course button to add more courses.


And if you equally need to calculate your CGPA, you can click the +Add semester button to Add another semester.


5.0 credit

3. See The Result of Your 5.0 GPA scale Calculation

After selecting your grade  and inputting your credits hours, you would see your GPA and the Overall GPA’s Updating, make sure you save the result and also bookmark the calculator to reference for the next semester.

How To Use The 5.0 Cumulative GPA

To use the 5.0 Cumulative GPA Calculator to calculate your CGPA for all your semesters, you need to know your current GPA and credit hours.

Then Input it just like the filled below.



Then start calculating your GPAs and see the totals cumulative GPA of your previous and current courses.


The semester GPA would keep updating at the bottom as you keep adding your grade and Credit Unit, while the CGPA will keep updating on the Overall GPA box.


Updating your GPA throughout the year will enable you to see if you are on track to reach your education goals.


The feedback you get when you figure out your CGPA score will let you know if you need to make adjustments in your study habits for assignments, reviews, and exams.

Why 5.0 GPA scale Over 4.0 GPA scale

Most high schools report GPA on a 5.0 scale instead of a 4.0 scale. So, a 4.5 GPA on a 5.0 scale is equal to a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale. You can see the 5.0 GPA Scale chart below.


 Some high schools use a 4.0 scale, however, because most colleges use a 4.0 scale.

While other high schools report GPA on a 4.0 scale, but give extra grade points to students who take more difficult classes, such as Honors, Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) classes.


For example, some high schools add 0.5 points to a student’s grade for taking an Honors class and 1.0 points for taking an AP or IB class.

5.0 GPA scale chart

The 5.0 GPA scale chart below is converted by adding .5 to the Honour GPA and adding 1 to AP/IB grades which makes it count for the 5.0 scales. This would mean a B in an AP class is equal to an A in a regular level class for your GPA.


By Looking at the 5.0 GPA scale chart below you can understand more about the calculations.

Letter GradePercentileHonors GPAAP/IB GPA
FBelow 650.00.0

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