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Calculate your school GPAs in minutes using the Ondovoice GPA calculators, starting from College GPA to weighted GPAs, Nigerian 4.0 Scale to 5.0 scales,  we’ve got you covered.

GPA stands for grade point average and represents the letter grades that you have earned throughout school, whether it is in college or high school. Check  out the GPA calculators below.

How to Calculate GPA

When you are working to determine your GPA, the first step in the process is to turn your letter grades into the typical 4.0 scale. Each letter grade equates to a number on the scale and is used to calculate your overall GPA.
Learn How to Calculate GPA.

GPA Calculators By College

When calculating your GPA in college, the credit hours for the course are included. This was why we created different GPAs for different colleges on the Ondovoice GPA calculators. Check below for your college GPA Scale calculator.


AMCAS GPA Calculator

American Medical College

ASU GPA Calculator

The Arizona State University

Auburn GPA Calculator

The Auburn University

Berkeley GPA Calculator

University of California, Berkeley

BYU GPA Calculator

Brigham Young University

FSU GPA Calculator

Florida State University

GSU GPA Calculator

Georgia State University

IU GPA Calculator

Indiana University

ISU GPA Calculator

Iowa State University

JMU GPA Calculator

James Madison University

Mizzou GPA Calculator

The University of Missouri

NCSU GPA Calculator

North Carolina State University

OSU GPA Calculator

The Ohio State University

PSU GPA Calculator

Portland State University

Rutgers GPA Calculator

Rutgers University

Swarthmore GPA Calculator

Swarthmore College


TAMU GPA Calculator

Texas A&M University

TCU GPA Calculator

Texas Christian University

UC GPA Calculator

University of Canterbury

UCSB GPA Calculator

University of California, Santa Barbara

UCSD GPA Calculator

University of California San Diego

UF GPA Calculator

University of Florida

UH GPA Calculator

The University of Houston

UIUC GPA Calculator

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

UMD GPA Calculator

University of Minnesota Duluth

UNCC GPA Calculator

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

UNCG GPA Calculator

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

UNL GPA Calculator

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

UOG GPA calculator

University of Gujrat

UT GPA Calculator

University of Texas

UTD GPA Calculator

University of Texas at Dallas

UTK GPA Calculator

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

UW Madison GPA Calculator

University of Wisconsin-Madison

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